This Quarter's Recipient: Eat Breathe Thrive

Giving Back

What were you going through in middle school?

I was a hot mess! Looking back on it, the main reason I was that hot mess probably stemmed from my body image issues. They definitely took a toll on my emotional intelligence during that time in my life. Fast forward two decades, when I finally found my true yoga practice that seriously changed my life. After lots of dedication and time digging into past and present craziness (still work to do every single day on this), my practice now helps me look in the mirror and see all of the wonderful differences that make me unique - not the flaws that lowered my score on the comparison list. You know, the one that we can never measure up to because - hello, we aren't the same as everyone else and the universe doesn't want us to be!

Thankfully, middle schoolers today have an incredible opportunity to add yoga to their wellness toolkit. They can learn kindness and compassion towards themselves to overcome eating disorders and negative body image. We are proud to support Eat Breathe Thrive through the Give Back Yoga Foundation this quarter in their quest to spread yoga love to middle schools across the nation. Check out this video for more information!


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