Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Sessions | Online Stress Management Workshops
Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Sessions | Online Stress Management Workshops
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Work with Tiffany

practice at home virtually (Skype yoga...but on Zoom) with custom one-on-one yoga programs that fit YOUR body, goals & lifestyle


Maybe you’re dealing with persistent low back pain

Been “out of shape” after a past surgery

Had some big-time stressful life events that threw your wellness out the window

Whatever the challenge, you need custom one-on-one guidance to feel better soon!


If you want a realistic approach to yoga and mindfulness that gets you results in an efficient way, you’re in the right place. No guessing games about which poses and techniques to use – I’ve got you covered.

My private yoga coaching meets you where you are - no judgment. We'll work together to create a plan that makes sense for your life based on your vision of success. Everything is custom especially for you.

Not just a private online yoga class...this is the ultimate in personalized wellness!


one-on-one virtual yoga with Tiffany Lord, yoga coach at Love and Asana

Purchase 1-Month Jump Start Program
Purchase 1-Month Maintain Program
Purchase 1-Month Transform Program

At Home Basics $20
Basics Plus $35
All the Props $97

Current coaching options are listed above. If you prefer something more custom to your specific needs, feel free to reach out at

Payment plans available upon request.

Private Session Hours (represents start time, by appointment only):
Monday-Thursday   8am-7pm MDT
Friday   8am-10am MDT
***Times available after hours for additional fee***




"So many changes! I feel more awake and positive, my posture has improved, and my strength and flexibility are rapidly improving. I've been taking yoga casually for years, and I never thought I would be doing some of the poses I'm now working on!"

"I have way more flexibility and am amazingly having a lot of fun with it."

"I definitely feel I can move better. Working out more consistently, and now eating better. The most helpful part is Accountability, and being present with another person, not a recording on YouTube."

"I definitely feel stronger, and feel like I have more control over my body and emotions. I also feel a lot more confidence and less stress. The most helpful part was Tiffany working with me on movements that strengthened different parts of my body, but most especially my back. But also, learning tricks to calm down and more restorative poses."

"I really enjoy the guided meditation and like the accountability."

"It's hard to choose one part. I think I would rank Tiffany's knowledge and ability to build a program that was/is appropriate for my strength, energy, and range of motion as most helpful and important. Included in that is Tiffany's approach and ability to listen. Maybe tied with that is the online component - being able to work with a coach and practice at home is awesome!"












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