Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions | Online Workshops for Stress Management, Mental Health and more!
Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions | Online Workshops for Stress Management, Mental Health and more!
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Zoom Yoga: How and Why of Private Yoga Online


By now, you've all heard about Zoom - a free app that you can use on any device with an internet connection. But how do you use it for one-on-one yoga?

I get this question ALL of the time, even now with everyone using Zoom for almost everything. Usually its a simple clarification of two things: I am teaching LIVE (not showing a video) and your camera will be turned on so that I can provide alignment cues specifically for you in the moment. Super cool, right?

Here's the run-down of how to set up your private yoga space for Zoom:

  • Find a place where I can see your full body in standing and sitting poses
  • Set up your mat and any props you may want to use
  • Keep a glass of water nearby
  • Make sure you're in a place with minimal interruptions for your session

Now that you know how to use Zoom for yoga, why would you want to practice online?

My specialty is helping people learn yoga techniques to manage persistent pain or chronic stress. When potential clients reach out to me, its usually to workout or manage stress. There are a myriad of reasons why they feel overwhelmed and "out of shape", like a past injury or medical condition that kept them from doing things they once loved. Typically, these are folks who don't feel comfortable practicing in a group and want some one-on-one guidance to make sure that the yoga techniques take into account their pain points. Practicing virtually from home is the perfect place to do that!

Other reasons why you might choose to practice virtually include zero drive time, no babysitters or petsitters needed and you can practice anywhere. Traveling for work or vacation but want to stay on top of your wellness goals? We can still keep our yoga appointment no matter where you are! For those of you out there who have super busy schedules and studio times don't work, having a virtual session that fits your life can be super helpful too!

Regardless of why you choose to practice in custom private sessions online, these are the top 3 results my private clients have seen and felt after working with me for at least one month:

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Flexibility

Some other noteworthy transformations include:

" I definitely feel I can move better. Working out more consistently, and now eating better."

"I started noticing that certain things felt easier, less painful, less exhausting."

"I definitely feel stronger, and feel like I have more control over my body and emotions. I also feel a lot more confidence and less stress."



About the Instructor:


Tiffany Lord yoga for headaches guruTiffany Lord is a corporate yoga coach, founder of Love + Asana and resident instructor for the International Headache Center. Her passion is helping people reconnect to their bodies for more strength, flexibility and confidence with a personalized approach to movement & mindfulness. She truly believes whether you feel "out of shape" from persistent pain, past injuries or a stressful life change, you can feel better and live the life you want with yoga.

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