Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Sessions | Online Stress Management Workshops
Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Sessions | Online Stress Management Workshops
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Top 3 Reasons Why Virtual Yoga Programs Are The Best

Yes, you have every intention of making yoga part of your life. But how can you with the million things going on?!

Imagine a world where you can log in at a time that's convenient for you, have a custom session based on your needs with a live private yoga instructor - all without leaving your house or hotel room. Well, that world is here!

Intrigued? Check out my top 3 reasons why virtual yoga programs are awesome and might be just what you were looking to add to your wellness routine this year!

1. Zero Drive Time

Nobody loves driving in traffic, especially to and from yoga. You want to arrive at a class calm and ready to practice, not stressed out from bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway. You want to enjoy the blissed out yoga high afterwards instead of hitting every red light on the way home.

With virtual yoga, you don't have to drive for yoga at all. Simply login when your session starts from your desktop, laptop, or iPad. Walk in the door from work, change and settle onto your mat. After that yummy Savasana, roll over and go right to sleep if you want.

2. More Time With Your Family

Say goodbye to hiring babysitters or leaving your pup at home for that extra 2 hours...or racing to and from the house to let the dog out between work and yoga. Why make it more stressful, spend more time away from your loved ones or add additional expenses when you can practice virtually?

You can schedule your session around family time instead of trying to cram it in. You can let your dog cuddle up with you on the mat - extra stress relief for you both. Kids can even be in the room with you (hi new mommies!), as long as its not distracting for you. I've honestly seen it all, so it really does only depend on what you need :) Adding yoga to your lifestyle gets much easier when you are at ease with the time spent with your family.

3. Practice Anywhere

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, virtual yoga is the ticket to consistency for your yoga practice. Its hard finding a studio that you like in each new city you visit. Sometimes the hotel has a gym, but that may not be your happy place. Between these two issues alone, your yoga practice may just fall by the wayside. It doesn't have to though! We can hop on Zoom together and keep you on track with your wellness goals through custom one-on-one yoga sessions.

Your program will be designed specifically based on your health history, wellness goals, schedule and lifestyle. Only have time for 30 minute sessions in Toronto, but want a 1-hour session when you get back to Boston? Let's do it! Feeling under the weather when you arrive in LA? We'll do a restorative session or meditation instead of your regular vinyasa class. Its all custom and super easy to fit into your busy schedule!


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    Tiffany Lord yoga for headaches guruHey - I'm Tiffany Lord, private virtual yoga instructor and founder of Love & Asana. I help type-A, overachievers reconnect to their bodies for more strength, flexibility and confidence with my realistic approach to yoga & mindfulness. Whether you feel "out of shape" due to persistent pain, past injuries or a stressful life change, you CAN feel better and live the life you want! Learn more about working together one-on-one here




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