Custom Virtual Yoga Online with Tiffany Lord, Private Yoga Coach

Custom Virtual Yoga Online with Tiffany Lord, Private Yoga Coach

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Whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner, private custom yoga can help you fast track your wellness goals while being in tune with YOUR specific needs. It's all personalized for you! We'll work together to create a plan that makes sense for your body and lifestyle so yoga becomes a sustainable piece of your wellness routine. Get started with one on one online yoga classes today!


"I definitely feel I can move better. Working out more consistently, and now eating better."


"I learned tricks to calm down."


"Everyday tasks are much easier and less exhausting."


Current yoga coaching options are listed below. Programs include customized sessions with yoga poses, meditation, breathing and other techniques as needed.

Questions? Contact Tiffany at

online private yoga with Tiffany Lord of Love and Asana virtual on Zoom
Check out what clients are saying about their custom virtual yoga programs!
This feedback was provided by clients who worked with me for at least 4 sessions

Most helpful part of custom yoga: "Tiffany has been indispensable to my yoga and wellness journey. I was extremely skeptical when I meet up with her for my first consultation. It was crystal clear within the first twenty minutes that Tiffany's program was leagues above any other yoga program I've done in the past. Her yoga knowledge is exceptional, but she blends it with anatomical and psychological knowledge, which makes her offering so invaluable."

Most helpful part of custom yoga: "Accountability, and being present with another person, not a recording on YouTube."

Biggest Transformation: "I definitely feel stronger, and feel like I have more control over my body and emotions. I also feel a lot more confidence and less stress."
Most helpful part of custom yoga: "Tiffany working with me on movements that strengthened different parts of my body, but most especially my back."

Biggest Transformation: "Able to relax more and sleep better"
Most helpful part of custom yoga: "I really enjoy the guided meditation and like the accountability."

Anonymous Private Client
Biggest Transformation: "The biggest thing I've noticed is that everyday tasks are much easier and less exhausting. After about 4 weeks of my tailored program, I started noticing that certain things felt easier, less painful, less exhausting. In some ways I think I'd gotten used to the pain, the things I couldn't do without help, and the exhaustion, and forgotten how it used to be. But as soon as some of this strength came back it was like a light came on."
Most helpful part of custom yoga: "It's hard to choose one part. I think I would rank Tiffany's knowledge and ability to build a program that was/is appropriate for my strength, energy, and range of motion as most helpful and important. Included in that is Tiffany's approach and ability to listen. Maybe tied with that is the online component - being able to work with a coach and practice at home is awesome!"

Personalized virtual yoga programs include:

  • Health History Call to discuss injuries, issues, goals, and create one-month wellness plan (prior to first session - done on Zoom)
  • Private sessions on Zoom; completely customized based on your goals, body, and lifestyle (choose from 30, 45, 60 minutes)
  • Custom recorded video classes to practice on your own each week (based on program chosen)
  • Daily practice reminders via text or email (based on program chosen)
  • Access to me via text/email for questions and support (based on program chosen)

Choose your program or session with the drop-down above.

Payment plans available upon request.
Email me at to setup the plan.

Prices subject to change without notice. If you are on a program, your regular rate will continue through the end of that fiscal year.

Once you purchase your yoga session or program, you'll receive an email from me within 24 hours to schedule your health history call and first session.




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