Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions | Online Workshops for Stress Management, Mental Health and more!
Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions | Online Workshops for Stress Management, Mental Health and more!
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The Key to Migraine Management: Being Resilient


Without having a cure for Migraine (not yet anyway), those of us living with the neurological disease can sometimes feel hopeless. Managing migraine attacks isn't as sexy as stopping them altogether. Since there isn't a miracle treatment for all migraine experiences, I think focusing on bouncing back quicker after an attack can be a game changer. If we can't beat 'em, we have to up our resiliency!

yoga to manage migraine headache

How do we do that? Research shows that yoga techniques can help manage migraine burden by:

  • decreasing the number of attacks
  • decreasing the duration of an attack
  • decreasing the intensity of an attack
  • changing the characteristic of attacks
  • improving resiliency - allowing us to bounce back quicker after an attack

Building resiliency with yoga can include practicing yoga poses to stretch your typically tight muscles and strengthen those needed for better posture, meditation to manage stress, breathing to calm your nervous system or a combination of all. With a consistent practice of at least three months, you may start noticing that your attacks aren't as long, painful or frequent as before.

Although every migraine experience is unique, anyone can learn yoga techniques - especially when using my migraine-friendly on-demand videos! It's a system of video classes based on my quadrant of triggers that can be customized to fit your needs. Classes are suitable for all levels and range from 20-60 minutes. This format is a "choose your own adventure" style of home practice.

How Does It Work:

  • Choose the migraine trigger you want to address (stress, posture, rest, movement)

  • Decide how often to practice

  • Design your custom yoga plan using my migraine-friendly videos

  • Practice consistently and feel the difference!


It is a DIY system of movement & mindfulness classes to manage your migraines. Includes:

  • Migraine-Friendly Video Library
  • Custom Yoga Plan
  • Move & Meditate Anytime
  • All Levels Welcome
  • Printable Calendar


Common Things Holding Migraine Sufferers Back From Trying Yoga

Hate making plans because you might have to cancel due to a migraine attack? No more worrying about that! Practice on your own whenever it makes sense for you.

Ever had an attack start during a class? I have! Instead of worrying about interrupting everyone and explaining your situation, you don't have to because you're at home! You can stop the video, take your medication or use your complementary therapies, then curl up in bed to recover.

If you're ready to try movement and mindfulness to manage Migraine, don't let anything hold you back. Try Resilient today!


Design your own at-home yoga plan with my migraine-friendly video classes based on four top migraine triggers.

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About the Author:


Tiffany Lord yoga for headaches guruTiffany Lord is a private yoga coach, founder of Love + Asana and resident instructor for the International Headache Center. Her passion is helping people reconnect to their bodies for more strength, flexibility and confidence with a personalized approach to movement & mindfulness. She truly believes whether you feel "out of shape" from persistent pain, past injuries or a stressful life change, you can feel better and live the life you want with yoga.


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