Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Sessions | Online Stress Management Workshops
Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Sessions | Online Stress Management Workshops
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How Happy Is Your Happy Baby?

Be honest. Sometimes this pose makes you think "angry baby". Totally understandable considering the amount of time we spend countering the stretch that Happy Baby pose creates. Personally, I don't love this asana but I don't hate it either. The benefit far outweighs the discomfort for me, but you can choose for yourself. That's yoga baby!

Happy Baby Pose - Ananda Balasana in Sanskrit (the ancient language of yoga)

Benefits of Happy Baby

My favorite part of this pose is trying to remember what it was like when I really did this as a baby. It hasn't been possible so far, but I know it happened. If this is a pose that causes you to almost cry and sad laugh at the perception that everyone around you seems to easily flop into it, pretend you're rolling around in a crib. That image alone will make you forget about everyone else and focus on what your body can get out of it.

  • Stretches hamstrings, thighs, hips and groin
  • Relaxes your lumbar spine
  • Calms your nervous system with slow, steady breathing
  • Helps release fascia in bottom of the feet with flexion & improve flexibility in the ankle joints

How To Practice Happy Baby

Watch my video below for a breakdown of Ananda Balasana for tips on making it as happy as possible. This video is part of the pose collection included with any custom virtual yoga program.


Remember that asana is not the same for everyone. How you feel in your body is valid and should always be considered. Just because someone in class loves a pose doesn't mean you'll feel amazing practicing it. Honor what feels right for you and make your practice your own!



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