3 Yoga Poses to Build Strength & Improve Balance


Trouble balancing on one leg? You're not alone. At least half of my clients have "improved balance" as one of their wellness goals and for good reason. Strength in balance helps you recover from instability quicker (bye sprained ankles) and avoid falls. Plus, you can start hanging out in dancer and eagle all day!

Start Strengthening Your Muscles for Balance

Balancing poses require strength throughout your body, but I'll focus on core and legs in this post. Finding your center of gravity while on one leg requires an engaged core to hold your torso up and active leg muscles to support the bottom half of your body. If you lack strength in one hemisphere, your body will try to make up for it in the other or end up toppling over if neither are strong enough for the position you're trying to achieve. Watch the below video for three poses you can try today for more strength in balance!

3 Poses for Strength in Balance (VIDEO)



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