Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions | Online Workshops for Stress Management, Mental Health and more!
Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions | Online Workshops for Stress Management, Mental Health and more!
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Favorite Yoga Products of 2018

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over! As we say "so long" to 2018, I wanted to share some of my favorite products that helped keep my daily practice going smoothly throughout the year. Here you go!

Hugger Mugger Mat

I seriously cannot get my practice on without this mat! It is by far my favorite - lightweight, but soft enough not to kill my fragile knees; super grippy, even on the first use; and less than $50! This mat has lasted me over two years with studio use at least 5 times a week...and still has lots of life left in it. If you're looking for a new mat, give this one a whirl.

favorite yoga mat


Ashwagandha from Moon Juice

Yoga is more than just sweating it out on the mat, it's about our entire being. I use this powder in my morning coffee everyday to help me manage stress so that my body can run optimally - not full of anxiety wreaking havoc on my cells and mentality. Oh and yes, I'm a yoga teacher, practitioner, and yogapreneur who stresses out and drinks a lot of coffee. Yoga doesn't make us perfect, just helps quell the craziness. :)  I'm not gonna doesn't taste great by itself, which is why I put it in my coffee BUT it definitely does the trick. There are tons of brands you can buy, but I love Moon Juice because of their founder's story and the quality of products.


favorite adaptogen


Beyond Yoga Pants

You know those pants that you could wear everyday (and maybe do) because they feel like butta' on your skin and make you feel dang sexy? That's Beyond Yoga pants for me, especially the ones pictured below. I only have a couple of leggings from this brand - the ombre style and turquoise capris (over 4 years old and still rockin') - and they both fit comfortably, stay put during class, and make me want to live in them. It's seriously sad when I have to take them off.


favorite yoga pants


Fluorite Pyramid from HK High Kicks

If you follow me on IG, you've seen a couple posts about my new work with gems. I'm truly an asana junkie so meditating with the stones was not high on my list. Although I totally believe in the power of crystals and energy work and have a major addiction to buying gems if they grab my attention. They sit by my window and on my desk because they make me smile when I look at them. It's as good a reason as any, right?

Due to some major stressors in my life and a migraine gearing up, I decided to give my fluorite point a try. Holy moly, it was amazing! I set the gemstone on the side of my head that was in pain, closed my eyes, and repeated "Take my negative thoughts and illness. Transform it into positivity and wellness." about five times. Then I just kind of stayed there feeling the stone on my face until I had this really cool feeling of my forehead opening no barrier from my brain to the outside world. Once I was done, I took the stone off of my head and it was boiling hot. Oh, and I never did fully get a migraine. Powerful results!

gemstones for beginner yoga

If you're interested in working with gemstones, I'd recommend reaching out to Erin Doty at HK. She is a wealth of knowledge and easily explains how to use gems in your practice, especially if you're a novice like me.


Winking Elephant Scarf & Dolman Tee

Last but not least, our very own gear! Both of these beauties were featured in LA Yoga Magazine this year and fall under our "Best Sellers" category for 2018.

Love and Asana in LA Yoga Magazine

This scarf is made with recycled materials, is soft & comfy, and you can also wear it as a shawl or head-wrap when its snowing. It's gorgeous in the winter with your favorite jacket or on a summer night with a tank top. Our tee is soft and flatters all body types with a shirt tail hem and loose fit. Pair it with leggings or jeans - it works with everything!

Another great gift - the gift of yoga! If you or a friend are ready to start using yoga as an intentional way to achieve your wellness goals, check out my virtual programs and online coaching. I'd love to work with you!

Happy holidays!

xoxo, Tiffany



Tiffany Lord is the Owner of Love & Asana™ and a Power Vinyasa Instructor based in Woodland Park, Colorado. She is a true believer in the power of yoga to help improve mental and physical health. Tiffany helps busy women in their 30s and 40s on the brink of burnout learn to manage stress with yoga.

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