Summer Travel Tips to Keep Your Hips Happy With Yoga

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Summer is here and the travel bug is calling! Personally, I love visiting new places or old ones that are too good to never see again, but I hate what prolonged hours of cramped travel conditions does to my body...especially my hips.

summer travel yoga tips from Tiffany Lord

Yoga for Hip Opening

Here are my top tips for keeping your hips relaxed while hittin' the open road or sky.

Pit Stop Yoga

Always get out of the car and walk around when you stop for gas. This helps with blood flow and mitigates lactic acid build-up. Plus, you probably need to go to the bathroom anyways!

Stretch it out with these 3 poses:

    • Standing Figure 4 - great for glutes and outer thighs
    • Forward Fold - stretches hamstrings
    • Mountain with Side Bend - releases tension from your hip attachment and stretches up into your arm

Hydrate! Dehydration can cause muscle cramps and other unpleasant symptoms that make a car trip way less fun, so listen to your body and refill that water bottle whenever you can.

Seated Yoga in a Plane or Car

  • Move in and out of a static position at least every hour. Flexing and extending your leg 2-3 times can help with blood flow and decrease chances of getting cramps.
    • My favorite poses for road trips or flights are:
      • Seated Figure 4 - stretches glutes/outer thighs
      • Seated Cow Pose - releases tightness and tension from Psoas (hip flexor)

      Tiffany Lord yoga for headaches guruHey - I'm Tiffany Lord, private virtual yoga instructor and founder of Love & Asana. I help type-A, overachievers reconnect to their bodies for more strength, flexibility and confidence with my realistic approach to yoga & mindfulness. Whether you feel "out of shape" due to persistent pain, past injuries or a stressful life change, you CAN feel better and live the life you want! Learn more about working together one-on-one here

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