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Virtual Employee Wellness with Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions | Online Workshops for Stress Management, Mental Health and more!
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Mantras for Migraines: How Using a Mantra and Fluorite Helped Ease My Migraine Pain


What Pose Stops a Migraine?

Its one of the most common questions I get about yoga for headaches. Unfortunately, in my migraine experience, I've never practiced a pose during an attack that stopped the migraine all by itself. Recently though, Savasana combined with a mantra and special gemstone was so powerful in helping ease my throbbing head pain and nausea that I had to share it with you. I've also included a section from my friend and colleague Erin Doty, TAOMCHI Crystalogist and owner of HK High Kicks, explaining the use and benefits of that gemstone.

My Experience With Mantras, Migraines, and Gemstones

This particular day was filled with a perfect storm of stress and hormonal imbalance, which both tend to trigger migraine attacks for me when I'm not careful. Apparently, I wasn't careful because the head pulsing let me know that it was going to be a crappy night. I texted my hubs and let him know my migraine was coming, then darkened my bedroom, started the heating pad, and was crawling into bed when I saw my fluorite pyramid sitting on a side table. I grabbed the marbled purple stone and settled in to bed Savasana-style with my gem gently resting on my forehead. Its important to note that I love crystals, but have never incorporated them into my daily practice and have never used them during migraine attacks either. Usually I curl up in a dark, silent room praying that my heating pad will loosen my tense muscles and that sleep will ease the throbbing and nausea. This time the gem was calling to me and I actually listened.

With the gem on my forehead, eyes closed, I started my pranayama practice with deep nostril breathing. Each inhale was "wellness". Each exhale was "remove my pain". As I envisioned the point of the pyramid drawing out my pain and drawing in health, my forehead started feeling expansive. After 2 minutes of this, I moved the point to the left temple (where my throbbing was) and did the same thing for a couple of minutes. Again, the left temple started feeling energetically open and less painful. The pulsing pain stopped and there was just a dull ache. My nausea was gone.

Tiffany Lord mantras and gemstone yoga for migraine headaches

Overall, my intensity went from a 10 to 3 in about 5 minutes. It was incredible! When I removed the fluorite from my head, the bottom that was touching my temple was super hot so I placed it on a tray near my bed to let it cool down. An hour later, I was in the kitchen making dinner and had a restful night. If you get migraines, you know that's a friggin' miracle. The next day, I told Erin what happened and she was ecstatic.

Yoga for Migraine

Let's talk about the yoga techniques that I used during that migraine attack:

  • Pranayama (breath control)
  • Mantra (word or phrases of affirmation/intention)
  • Meditation (resting the mind)
  • Asana (pose)

Deep breathing helped channel my prana (energy) with the gemstone and calm my nervous system, which was hyped up with pain. The mantra helped focus my mind on removing pain and replacing it with wellness in a meditative state. Savasana allowed a neutrality in my body for relaxation and healing. So what about the gemstone itself?

Fluorite for Pain and Headaches

According to Erin, fluorite assists with bringing order to chaos and is a powerful gem to alleviate pain and inflammation. Pain in any form can have the potential to surmount full, embodied presence. The result is disconnection with the true Self. Fluorite stabilizes, cleanses, and increases balance.

How to Use a Gemstone and Mantra

Gemstones and mantras combine to create a powerful energetic intention and resonance when used together. When working with a gemstone for therapeutic use, honor the ancient wisdom by finding a quiet space to tune into its vibrations. While holding the gemstone in prayer pose (between your palms) repeat one of the mantras below. Pick the one that calls to you the most.

"I notice the experience of pain and embrace space and ease."

"I allow all sensations to be seen and integrated with peace."

"I let go and unify with peace."


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About the Authors


Tiffany Lord yoga for headaches guruHey! I'm Tiffany Lord, virtual yoga coach and Founder of Love & Asana. My passion is sharing movement and mindfulness techniques to help you manage persistent pain and chronic stress, with a specialty in yoga for Migraine.


Erin Doty HK High Kicks Gemstone for Migraine HeadachesErin Doty is a vibrational enthusiast, inspiring others with her authenticity and joy! She is a certified TAOMCHI Crystologist, RYT 500 Hatha & Self-Awareness Yoga Teacher, and holds certifications in Body Positive Yoga & YWI (yoga for veterans and first responders). Erin is owner of HK High Kicks, which integrates yoga, wellness, and gemstones for therapeutic use and well-beingness. She offers, yoga, special events, and curates custom gemstone jewelry and sets for clients nationwide.




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