Optimized: Understand and Manage Stress with Yoga (Corporate Wellness Workshop -Virtual on Zoom)

Optimized: Understand and Manage Stress with Yoga (Corporate Wellness Workshop -Virtual on Zoom)

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Are you ready to provide your employees with the well-being tools they need to manage stress?
This is the online workshop for you!

The pandemic brought all of our corporate wellness issues to the forefront, including how stressed out employees feel regardless of the role they play in their organization. Here are some of the most common words I hear when corporate clients describe their feelings about work: exhausted, overwhelmed, scattered, unmotivated, burnt out and anxious.

Who wants their employees to feel that way?! Not me and I know you don't either! That's why I created...

It's my 8-week online workshop series that helps employees understand the stress response, identify their patterns and design a plan to manage their stress using simple movement & mindfulness techniques

Reserve your workshop dates with Tiffany at LOVEANDASANA@GMAIL.COM
op·ti·mize: rearrange or rewrite to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing
Maybe it's the years of working with tech employees, but I think of our brains as an amazingly intricate computer. It can be "rewired" to be more efficient in processing our thoughts and emotional responses with techniques like mindfulness and meditation. You can teach your brain what to focus on and how to react!
Benefits of yoga and meditation include improved focus, better sleep, increased productivity - and so much more

Why choose Optimized?

Research-based curriculum
Easy well-being tools employees can use on Day 1
Actionable plan for understanding & managing stress
Beginner-Friendly techniques

By the end of 8 weeks, your employees will have a plan in place to actively manage their stress levels using quick and easy techniques.

Sessions will discuss topics such as:

  • Understanding the stress response

  • The role of exercise, sleep and movement in managing stress

  • Tips to mitigate burnout (from an employee perspective)

  • And more!



$1,600 for all 8 weeks - unlimited participants



One workshop each week

Each workshop will be 45 minutes with an optional 15 minute Q&A at the end

All workshops will be live on Zoom (link provided by me)

Price includes unlimited participants

PDF workbooks will be provided prior to the session for all participants

No prior yoga experience is necessary

Download the Optimized flyer here to present to your organization's employee wellness manager


About Your Instructor:

Tiffany Lord is a yoga coach and founder of Love + Asana, a virtual studio launched in 2016 offering one-on-one sessions and corporate wellness programs. Her sessions incorporate movement and mindfulness focusing on benefits for stress relief and chronic pain. Tiffany’s fun, approachable style makes classes feel like you’re hanging out with friends while also improving your mental and physical health.

She is an E-RYT through the Yoga Alliance and is currently enrolled in a 500-hour training with Yoga Medicine focusing on yoga applications for common injuries and range of motion issues. Her articles on wellness through yoga have been featured in online and print publications, such as fyi50+ and CO Yoga + Life magazine. Learn more about Tiffany here

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