Meet Tiffany

I was an anxiety-ridden woman in my late 20s who didn't feel strong or healthy, but didn't really know how to get back on track. My wellness journey got a jump-start when my mother (and best friend) passed away from breast cancer at the young age of 48. This was the awakening that caused me to view my body as a precious gift that needed to be cared for in a much more intentional way.

A year of workouts with weights and millions of crunches, I got REALLY bored. I've always loved bodywork, homeopathic remedies, and whatever the new healthy drink was (but I would still always opt for an espresso) - so it's strange that it took me so long to give in and try yoga. Once I did, I was hooked and the results were intense! Less stress, better sleep quality, more strength and flexibility - the list goes on. This is what I will share with you in my classes...the path to results!


Stressed to the max and ready for relief? Want to learn yoga, but nervous to try?
I'll help you manage stress for better sleep and more productivity with easy to understand instructions and personalized support!


My background in gymnastics, dance, and massage therapy gives me a unique perspective on how to help you reconnect with your body and achieve your wellness goals. I love helping newbies learn yoga and delve into the unknown. It's especially rewarding to help those who have these stories about how they aren't strong enough, flexible enough...whatever it is that you make up in your head to talk yourself out of things that are probably going to be amazing.


If you're ready to make a change, I'd love to work with you! Learn more about working with me here.

Wishing you wellness,

Tiffany Lord



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