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Work with Tiffany

available in person and by phone or Zoom


Initial Yoga Consultation

$55 - let's get to know each other during a one hour chat to discuss your wellness goals, lifestyle, and which package is right for you

Everyone is different, so we'll design a plan that makes sense for you and where you're at right now. It might be one of my packages below or something completely custom. I'll even do you a solid and apply your initial consultation fee towards whichever package you sign up for at the end of our call...yup, I'm cool like that. Book your session now!


Yoga for Stress Management

$350 - online video classes, 2 calls with me each month for custom support with alignment & questions, goal calendar, and more!


Are you a busy lady on the brink of burn out?

Feel drained every night when you pass out to re-runs of Friends and never wake up fully rested?

So unfocused you rarely ever finish that load of laundry...or start it, for that matter?

This isn't the life you want, girl - and you know it. Let me help you!

My signature 90-day online yoga program helps busy women struggling with burn out learn to manage stress for more relaxing days, restful sleep, and resiliency.

Learn stress relief techniques from your home, office, hotel room - anywhere you have access to the internet! No rushing around in traffic to meet random class times that don't work with your schedule.

Tried yoga before but not sure if you're doing it "right"? Ask me questions about alignment on monthly calls or video chats so I can help you live!

Want to practice at home, but your previous videos didn't explain yoga well? My videos are geared towards beginners with clear cues to get you into the pose quickly and with safe alignment. I won't say the name of a pose and leave you there looking up and down a million times to figure it out. You'll love my easy to follow instructions.

Start feeling more relaxed and JOIN NOW!


Custom Yoga Plan

$497 - initial consultation, 4 custom one-hour yoga classes with Tiffany, recordings of each Zoom class, goal calendar, and more

We'll discuss your goals and realistic ways to integrate yoga into your lifestyle to meet those goals. Each class will be created based on our plan and your feedback each time. Your sessions will be recorded so you can practice from them weekly. Together, we'll track your progress and update the plan as necessary. Schedule your initial consultation now!


Yoga for Beginners

$199 - weekly online video classes for 1 month, access to pose alignment video library, workbook, and more!

Learn the basics of power vinyasa right at home! This is my exclusive results-driven program to help you learn yoga poses by focusing on your alignment and build a solid foundation in your yoga practice. START NOW!


Follow-Up Yoga Sessions

$55 - your yoga journey continues after the program ends, but you might want more support with a 60-minute follow-up

Once you've completed a month or 3 of working together, you might just want to schedule a follow-up yoga session to check-in about your new goals, how to fit stress relief techniques into your new lifestyle, or chat about alignment in a new pose. Either way, I'm here for you. Book your follow-up session now!



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