Home Practice On-Demand (Love & Asana Online Yoga Studio Membership)

Home Practice On-Demand (Love & Asana Online Yoga Studio Membership)

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Want classes to stretch & relax while working from home or traveling?
Love + Asana Home Practice is perfect for you!

Relieve your neck, back and shoulder aches from sitting hunched over all day at work. Manage your stress to sleep better and feel more refreshed & centered. All from the comfort of home! My online classes will help you stretch, strengthen or just chill with stretches, meditation and breathing. Release tension in your body and feel recharged & focused afterwards!

Benefits of yoga and meditation include improved immunity, better sleep, reduced compassion fatigue, more focus and productivity - among many others. Who doesn't want that?!

$9.99/month - Home Practice On-Demand includes:

  • Pre-Recorded Yoga Video Classes to watch anytime, anywhere
  • Yoga Pose, Breathing and Meditation Tutorial Library
  • 30% Off Individual One-on-One Yoga Programs
  • Discounts on Yoga Props and Apparel

Membership Pricing:

  • On-Demand (videos only): $9.99/month


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 Questions? Email Tiffany at loveandasana@gmail.com


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