Love & Asana Online Yoga Studio Membership

Love & Asana Online Yoga Studio Membership

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Want quick classes to stretch & relax?
This membership is perfect for you!

Say goodbye to an achey back after work or feeling tired and unfocused. Hop into a 15-30 minute class on Zoom to stretch, strengthen or just chill with meditation and breathing. Release tension in your body and feel recharged & focused afterwards!

Benefits of yoga and meditation include improved immunity, better sleep, reduced compassion fatigue, more focus and productivity - among many others. Who doesn't want that?!


February Class Schedule:

Stretch Break Neck & Shoulders (15 min) at 12pm MT

Relax & Focus Meditation (15 min) at 12:30pm MT
Relax & Breathe (15 min) at 2:30pm MT (every other Tuesday - Feb 2 & Feb 16)

Stretch Break Neck & Shoulders (15 min) at 10am MT
Myofascial Release Hips & Legs (20 min) at 12:00pm MT
Relax & Focus Meditation (15 min) at 2:30pm MT

Relax & Breathe (15 min) at 9:00am MT
Stretch Break Back & Hips (15 min) at 12pm MT
Release the Day Meditation (15 min) at 6:30pm MT

Myofascial Release Hips & Legs (20 min) at 8:30am MT
Mantra Meditation (15 min) at 9:00am MT

Your membership includes the below:

  • Unlimited Yoga & Meditation Classes Live on Zoom
  • On-Demand Video Classes
  • Yoga Pose, Breathing and Meditation Tutorial Library
  • 30% Off Individual One-on-One Yoga Programs
  • Discounts on Yoga Props and Apparel

Membership Pricing

$84/month $720/year (save $288)

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Relax & Breathe
Guided progressive relaxation to ease away tension in the body, followed by guided breathing techniques to decrease stress.

Release the Day Meditation
Let go of your worries and stress from the day with this guided meditation. Feel lighter and refreshed so you can fall asleep at ease.

Stretch Break: Neck & Shoulders

Gentle stretches for your neck and shoulders to release tension for a more relaxed day!

Relax & Focus Meditation

Quick meditation to calm stress & anxiety with guided visualizations and breathing techniques. Leave feeling refreshed and centered!

Myofascial Release for Hips & Legs

Release tension in your hips and legs with a series of techniques to relax the connective tissue using pressure from your body weight and props. Myofascial release can be helpful for improved range of motion from issues such as scar tissue, trigger points and muscle tension.
*You will need a block and 2 myofascial balls for class. Don't have any? 
Purchase them here

Stretch Break: Back & Hips

Gentle stretches for your back and hips to release tension for a more relaxed day!

Mantra Meditation
Relax into the zone by repeating one word or phrase (AKA affirmation) silently to yourself. Decreases stress and draws your mind into the present moment. I'll offer a mantra for each class, but you can always choose anything else that resonates with you - especially if you have a word or phrase for the year.



What do you need for class?
  • Laptop or tablet with a solid, fast internet connection, microphone and webcam
  • You'll need to download Zoom (free app) prior to the session
  • Space to move around
  • Comfortable clothes
How do I sign up?
Choose your membership using the drop-down above. After payment is received, I'll email you a welcome email with information on registering for classes and accessing your on-demand content & discounts.
Do you require pre-registration for live classes on Zoom or can we drop in?
You must pre-register for classes at least 48 hours in advance. Classes without any registrations are subject to cancellation. Notifications will be posted on the class calendar.
When are the classes?
All classes will be scheduled during the week in a variety of times to accommodate before/after work and lunch breaks. This helps you build a wellness habit, integrate movement and mindfulness into your regular routines and actually take breaks for stress management & stretching.

Can I cancel anytime? If for any reason you decide to cancel your membership, email me a cancellation notice at least 3 days prior to the end of your monthly or annual membership. Refunds will not be given for partial use of memberships.

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