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Employee Wellness Yoga

We're all looking for ways to improve our wellness. Lucky, you know something that's been proven to help - yoga!

I want to work with you to achieve your employee wellness goals with a yoga program that staff will love! Whether it's on-site or online classes, we can create options that will benefit the health of your biggest resource without hurting your bottom line.

Contact me to chat about options for your program today!

My classes are all levels power yoga with an emphasis on safe alignment for all bodies. At your request, classes may be customized to address specific issues pertaining to your staff such as tech neck, relaxation/meditation techniques, low back pain, etc. Through my partnerships in the community, there may also be opportunities to create a more comprehensive wellness program with nutrition, massage, TRX classes, and other complementary services to assist your staff with living their healthiest lives.

*On-site classes are only available in Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas currently. If you want to schedule a special yoga class for a conference or event outside of these areas, I'd love to hear about it.


Tiffany Lord, RYT



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