Virtual Yoga FAQs

How does the virtual yoga session work?

All live sessions are done via Zoom (free app/website). You'll receive a link once you purchase your class or program.

What do I need for my yoga sessions?

You'll need a space with enough room to move around on your yoga mat or carpet and a computer/iPad that connects to the Internet with a webcam and microphone. Wear comfortable clothing. If you have props (block, strap, etc.), let me know and I can show you how to incorporate those into your classes.

Is there a time limit on using my yoga sessions?

Yes, you need to use all sessions purchased in a program package within two months from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted. After that time, the sessions will expire.

What is a Discovery Call?

Its a 20-minute Zoom call to meet each other, discuss your wellness goals, lifestyle & health history, and decide which yoga option is right for you. A friendly chat - no high pressure sales here. I want you to feel confident about the choice you make about practicing yoga with me!

What is included in the 60-minute session?

We'll talk A LOT during the first session! You'll work through several yoga techniques based on your Discovery Call and provide feedback to me so I know what to include in your recorded yoga class.

What is a Yoga Starter Kit?

Its a collection of handy products to kick off your yoga journey! The kit includes a journal, mini aromatherapy roller ball, palo santo, mantra sticker, and one Love & Asana tank top or t-shirt of your choice.

What is the Pose Video Library?

Its my video library of over 40 pose breakdowns. This includes step-by-step instructions on alignment in each pose with modifications & variations as applicable.

When are private sessions available?

Live virtual sessions can be scheduled Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm MST and Friday 8am-10am MST based on availability.


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