THIS QUARTER: $5 from each shirt funds yoga for cancer survivors
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Meet Tiffany, Founder & Owner Love & Asana

After graduating from CorePower's teacher training program in 2015, my fate as a yoga addict was sealed. I've always loved bodywork, homeopathic remedies, and whatever the new healthy drink was (but I would still always opt for an espresso) - so it's strange that it took me so long to give in and try yoga. Once I did, I was hooked...not that I really had the strength yet to do the things I wanted or to even understand how to breathe correctly. One of the greatest gifts that I received from yoga though, was the community. I want to give back with fashion that helps fund yoga programs for under-served populations. Everyone can truly benefit from a yoga practice and should feel good about themselves while doing it - from the mind, to the body, to the shirts!

    Thank you for supporting the mission of Love & Asana. Rock your shirts proudly and relish in the fun of your yoga practice.



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