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Meet Tiffany

After graduating from CorePower's teacher training program in 2015, my fate as a yoga addict was sealed. I've always loved bodywork, homeopathic remedies, and whatever the new healthy drink was (but I would still always opt for an espresso) - so it's strange that it took me so long to give in and try yoga. Once I did, I was hooked...not that I really had the strength yet to do the things I wanted or to even understand how to breathe correctly. One of the greatest gifts that I received from yoga though, was the community. I always feel so supported and encouraged by our fellow yogis and yoginis - no matter where I am. So, I'm doing this for all of us who want to keep the community light and express the silliness we feel when practicing our asanas. Then, we can flow into seriousness and back into fun - balance is what it's all about after all.

  • Favorite Poses: Half Pigeon / Hurdler
  • Pose Aversion to: Cow Face / Camel
  • Best Yoga Cues: Extend through your elbows / Spread through your collarbones
  • Funniest Yoga Moment: Too many! Slippery mats, one-legged something without any sense of balance that day, rising up strong into Warrior II and noticing I'm facing the person next to me - need I say more?

Yoga changed my life and I absolutely cannot live without it! Thank you for supporting Love & Asana and nonprofits in the community. Enjoy our shirts and relish in the fun of your yoga practice.





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