THIS QUARTER: $5 from each shirt funds yoga for cancer survivors
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Fund Yoga Training with Love & Asana


Our mission is to spread the love of yoga by making amazing shirts for an inspired wardrobe and empowering others with yoga programs for under-served populations.

We are taking it one step further now by helping you fund your own yoga training so you can help spread the love of yoga even more! Tell your spheres of influence about your upcoming yoga journey and use Love & Asana as a tool to pay for it.

Imagine how your training will improve your confidence and help you leave your footprint on this world. Think of your impact on the yoga community in your local area. Maybe this training will help you earn an additional income to help you or your family achieve dreams. Your training may be an additional certification to enhance your offerings as an instructor and bring more value to the services you already provide. Let's support each other and make big things happen!


  • Apply online here

  • We accept a maximum of 10 yogis in training per month.

  • Lucky yogis who are accepted will sell Love & Asana shirts during a 1-month period.

  • $5 for each shirt sold (with a few exceptions) will help fund their training program or certification.

Want to host a pop-up at your studio to help fund scholarships specific to your own YTT students?
Email Tiffany for details at


Do I have to purchase inventory and keep it at home to sell?

No inventory to keep. No out of pocket expenses. It's all about sharing your story with those who want to help you pursue your dreams. Everyone purchases online the same as usual - EXCEPT they will add your special code during checkout so we know who to credit.

When will I know if I've been selected?

We will review your application and notify you, whether or not you have been chosen to participate, within two weeks.

How long does it take to receive my funding?

You will promote and sell our amazing tops for one month. We will tally up your shirt sales (excluding any shirts under $24) and give you $5 per shirt. There is a 30-day return policy, which means we must wait until that window has closed to allocate your funds. Your payment will be processed on the 31st day following the end of your sales month. Example: You sell during June. Your funds will be sent on August 1.

Is there still a portion that helps fund yoga programs from shirts sold during my sales month?

Any shirts sold with your unique code will provide $5 to your dream yoga training! We will not provide additional funding to yoga programs from those shirts. However, any other shirts sold during the month that are not designated using your code will follow the standard social impact model ($5 to fund yoga programs for under-served populations).




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